Gold Foil Number Balloon – 16″ – Air Fill Only


16 inch AIR FILL Balloon in GOLD – We also do letters in the same size if you wanted to create a message as well. No helium required.

Which number balloons do you want?

Tell us which number balloons you want in the box below. if you need four number 1’s please type “1111”

How many number balloons do you want? * 

Count the numbers you have ordered and put the number below, this may delay your order if done incorrectly.


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Each number comes with a straw to inflate to 16 inches and you can attach them together to create any number, easy with a string or similar with little hoops to thread. For birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Or create a message with our alphabet balloons and add a number in between, like “HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY”.

No helium required. Air inflation only.

Posted anywhere in UK.